If your relationships tend to be short-lived; it may be time to examine your behavior & make sure you are not dong any of the following;

1) Invite a bunch of your friends along without asking him.
Although it’s normal that your new man wants to meet your friends, it makes you look like you don’t want to spend time alone with him if you invite them without telling him & he may even get offended.

2) Not keeping promises.
If you promised to buy a birthday present/ that you would meet on Fri night but when it came down to it, you forgot or you couldn’t be bothered you are sending a signal that you can’t keep promises and you don’t care.

3) Not calling.
So many new relationships falter due to lack of communication. Everyone is constantly surrounded by the technology to call/ text/ facebook so there is no excuse for silence. It just takes seconds to send a nice text and reassures your date that you are thinking about him.

4) Don’t trust him.
If you really like/ love your new guy and you believe that he feels the same then you have to trust him. This will make him feel like you can depend on him and deepen the relationship. But, once mistrust rears it’s ugly head, things start to fall apart. After all, why waste time with someone who doesn’t trust you?

5) Don’t show any interest.
Make sure your work or other priorities don’t come before your relationship; or at least don’t give him the impression that that’s the case. Take the trouble to plan a nice weekend together, to look for a great restaurant to surprise him or buy him something he mentioned that he needs.