Sex appeal is something that improves with experience and is not limited to beautiful people. Check our top tips for perfecting that va va voom factor.

1. Become comfortable with your body.
Join a gym or take up acting or dance lessons. You don’t need a perfect body but half the battle’s already won with an attractive body. Oh, and no slouching or fiddling with your hands! Eye contact is essential and as you become more comfortable with your own body, you will find it easier to touch others in conversation; ie placing your hand on their shoulder, brushing arms and really creating a connection.

2. Don’t play easy to get.
Develop an air of mystery and be a challenge. Think James Dean & Brad Pitt; bet they never sent any desperate texts at 2 in the morning. Showing that you are independent and can stand on your own two feet is attractive. Busy people with lots of interests who never get bored are also attractive; so make sure you have plenty of hobbies and are not sitting around waiting for a phone call!

3. Looks aren’t everything!
Sex appeal is not limited to the young and the beautiful; it’s something that improves with experience. Millionaires and guys who hang around in certain social circles (music industry, casinos, fine restaurants) tend to attract top-model partners. It’s about lifestyle and glamour as well as looks. Cultivate this without breaking the bank; try to get in with the right crowd.

4. Dress well.
If you don’t have dress sense; get a stylist or some advice from a friend in the know. Well-dressed men always stand out. Black & red are sexy colours but body & attitude are just as important. Don’t confuse sex appeal with trying too hard to dress sexy; showing off your muscles in skimpy clothes is not the same as classic, well-cut styles which just ooze understated sexiness.

5. It’s all in the mind!
If you believe you are sexy then you will give off a sexy vibe, so start thinking positively about yourself. Give and accept compliments and start to see the fantastic personality traits and other great qualities you posses.

6. Lip Service.
Lips are very appealing and sensual; make sure you keep yours moisturised to avoid chaps and cracks.