It’s a fact that others judge us on our appearance before we even open our mouths, so in any dating situation make sure you are making the best possible impression. See our top tips to help you choose what to wear:

1. Dress Appropriately.
Try to find out where the date will take place so you can plan in advance. A smart shirt and smart jeans/ trousers will suffice in most situations. Avoid showing too much flesh, even in summer; less is more (and if the date goes well you will have plenty of other opportunities to show off your biceps).

2. Dress Comfortably.
Don’t wear a suit if they make you feel stuffy and forget any shoes which hurt your feet. If you don’t feel comfortable then you won’t look it either! Be yourself.

3. Make an effort.
You are on this date because you want to impress this person, right? So, turning up in baggy old jeans and stinky trainers makes you look like a slob, which could ruin your chances; even small things like a hole in your jumper or scuffed shoes. You don’t need to blow your salary on a designer outfit, just make sure what you put on gives the right impression. Put some planning into it!

4. An eye for detail:
There’s no point spending hours on your magnificent outfit and then leaving the house with messy hair, dirty fingernails or turning up with a cheap, folding umbrella. Focus on your look as a whole rather than individual pieces.

5. Be Yourself
Your date wants to get to know the real you; not a fake. There’s no point trying to fool your man into thinking you dress like David Beckham if you don’t; imagine the huge effort each time you meet. Take a look in the mirror before you leave home; if you don’t feel right, go change.

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