Rating: August 19, 2018
Excellent first time experience
As a first time experience I found it very well organised and less daunting than I had feared. Thank you for organising the event!

Rating: August 19, 2018
Great fun but too quite rushed
Surprisingly had a great time. Really nice mix of people and everybody very friendly. 3 minutes flies by. There were 46 people subscribed to this and only a couple didn't show, so it made it all very hectic. The breaks were short and as there was nobody serving on the bar in our area, we had to queue upstairs and were never going to get a drink in the ten minutes per break.For the amount of money paid I think there should have been a bar for the function room. Saying all that I will definitely go again.

Rating: August 19, 2018
Great evening!!
This was a great evening. A lot of very interesting guys to chat to, and evening was kept running smoothly by Jay. A bit of an early start at 18:00, so tough to dasb there and arrive on time after work, but a really fun evening!

Rating: August 18, 2018
Good event
I thought is was a great event and would do this again. When I attaneded there were 46 guys, so pretty large group.

Rating: August 17, 2018
William English
Really good experience and met lovely people.

Rating: March 15, 2018
Good but too early
Jonathan Turner
The event works well in itself but it is too early in the evening and makes it a real struggle to get out of work on time. Could it not be at the weekend or later in the evening? It means I have to take half a day off work to get there on time. I’m normally in the office late and for those of us with more demanding jobs leaving the office early is not really an option.

Rating: March 15, 2018
Speed dating event Covent Garden
It was okay, some of it felt a bit rushed though.

Rating: March 15, 2018
Well-organised fun
A fun night, with well-organised rotations ensuring I got to talk to everyone. Would recommend.

Rating: March 15, 2018
Great Experience
Great friendly atmosphere, the staff are incredibly helpful and everyone is nervous to begin but the staff are supportive and all the speed daters are very nice. Breaks in between that help you compose yourself and go for a cigarette and inexpensive drinks.

Rating: March 15, 2018
Good experience
Pretty good experience, good range of guys which made it fun.

Rating: August 20, 2017
An Excellent Event
I found the Slow Dating event very relaxed and a pleasure to attend. Jaye is an excellent host who makes all his guests feel comfortable, and creates a very warm environment. I would highly recommend going for this event.

Rating: August 15, 2017
40 Dates In 2 Hours! Exhausting But Lots Of Fun.
Does what it says on the tin; I was exhausted at the end of the night and almost lost my voice.Can't fault the organisation - this is a practical, full on, way to find a mate. And I did!

Rating: August 05, 2017
Fed up with Grindr and all the other apps and gave speed dating a try.I was pleasantly surprised. Very well organised event, very professional. I matched with 4 attractive guys. Hopefully will be meeting soon.

Rating: July 10, 2017
Good Way To Meet People
I attended the January speed dating event. I am quite shy and find it very hard to approach other guys so in that respect a speed dating event was perfect - you don't have to approach anyone. I did find it slightly overwhelming as I'm not used to talking so much to so many people but you do definitely get your money's worth. I matched with a few guys but nothing came of it so I am trying again. Good events though, the people working there put me at ease and were really nice.