Rating: February 16, 2020
My third time…
Brian Morrison
Third one I've attended. This time no dates only two friends. Similar to previous visit. What am I doing wrong? Despite this, venue is nice and like the hosts. Bar gets busy and some of the dates were a bit too tipsy to take seriously!

Rating: February 16, 2020
Honestly, the event was pretty unenjoyable.

Rating: August 14, 2019
Great event
The Urban Connection people did a great job. Friendly, and made sure we were looked after. The dates were also friendly and communicative. However I did not feel I was lucky although I had few friends match. Also I felt that the conversations were a bit generic and lacked personality; I did not feel real connection with anyone. Having said that the whole time was not intimidating but was easy going.

Rating: August 13, 2019
Great event but..
The event itself and the organisers have done excellent job. Friendly, attentive and helpful. They ticket includes free drink which is a bonus. All attendees were friendly with good manners and made effort to communicate. But it was not successful for me. I had a couple of friends match but I did not feel spark with anyone and I found the conversations generic. I DID try to spice the communication up a little (but not in a sexual way) but possibly others felt more comfortable in talking the same old routine things. So, overall greatly organised event and friendly atmosphaire but a bit dull connections. Sorry that's my personal feeling.

Rating: August 01, 2019
A lot of fun and great atmosphere
Marcelo Bordalho
I went to one of these events and had a lot of fun, Had the chance to meet very interesting people. Such a relaxing atmosphere! Very recommend !

Rating: July 17, 2019
Very good
Hey there, Jay and team, Thank you for a very good event! To be brief: The good: it was a good diverse group of people. Drinks vouchers were very helpful in keeping the conversation going. The venue was very nice, not too loud for a good conversation, but still allowing privacy. Would recommend to friends, and come again if the need arises :) The "should be changed": the venue was freezing. Also the bar service upstairs was slow - could not get a drink without being late. But all in all, a good show!

Rating: January 11, 2019
9th January speed dating
Robert Hunter
I really enjoyed this event and it was the first time I’ve tried speed dating. I found it much nicer than doing dating apps as you get a much better idea of whether you click with someone when you meet in Person. I happily matched to most of the people I wanted to match with and have subsequently arranged to meet up with a few since. Would certainly recommend this service to other men.

Rating: January 11, 2019
speed dating
I really enjoyed the event and met some really nice guys there. Everyone was so friendly and laid back and easy to talk to and I didnt feel any anymosity from anyone else. The hosts did a great job of keeping everything moving. My only feedback would be that after the even I forgot what everyone looked like and couldnt always remember which guys I had matched with so maybe each guy could upload a small photo on the app. Also sending guys emails addresses is a bit old fashioned, maybe they could have the option include a phone number and/or whatsapp in addition to or instead of email address so can guys can make contact easier post event.

Rating: January 10, 2019
Not bad
WiFi didn’t work, only 2 bartenders serving 40 people and generally rushed atmosphere.

Rating: August 19, 2018
Excellent first time experience
As a first time experience I found it very well organised and less daunting than I had feared. Thank you for organising the event!

Rating: August 20, 2017
An Excellent Event
I found the Slow Dating event very relaxed and a pleasure to attend. Jaye is an excellent host who makes all his guests feel comfortable, and creates a very warm environment. I would highly recommend going for this event.

Rating: August 15, 2017
40 Dates In 2 Hours! Exhausting But Lots Of Fun.
Does what it says on the tin; I was exhausted at the end of the night and almost lost my voice.Can't fault the organisation - this is a practical, full on, way to find a mate. And I did!

Rating: August 05, 2017
Fed up with Grindr and all the other apps and gave speed dating a try.I was pleasantly surprised. Very well organised event, very professional. I matched with 4 attractive guys. Hopefully will be meeting soon.

Rating: July 10, 2017
Good Way To Meet People
I attended the January speed dating event. I am quite shy and find it very hard to approach other guys so in that respect a speed dating event was perfect - you don't have to approach anyone. I did find it slightly overwhelming as I'm not used to talking so much to so many people but you do definitely get your money's worth. I matched with a few guys but nothing came of it so I am trying again. Good events though, the people working there put me at ease and were really nice.