Gay Matchmaking Service

We’ve been making love happen between gay men for 11 years so we know a thing or two about match making. Are you fed up of swiping and wasting time chatting to people who suddenly disappear or who don’t look like their pictures? Tindr is great, but it’s based solely on physical attraction – you have no idea about long term compatibility. Our new gay matchmaking service aims to personally match you with a partner who shares the same traits/ values/ goals and is looking for a relationship. We’ll show you his photo (after we verify that’s what he looks like) and you don’t pay a penny unless you decide you want to meet him. No subscriptions, no contracts and you can be assured of complete confidentiality and discretion. Launch promotional price of just £50! 


1) Complete our questionnaire

Be honest and detailed so we understand what type of partner you are looking for. We also need some clear, recent photos of you. Get started now by clicking here

gay matchmaking service London


2) We’ll find a perfect match.

We will personally search for a mate who corresponds to your likes/ values and preferences. We’ll contact you with his details and photo; you don’t pay a penny unless you decide you want to go ahead and meet him.

 gay matchmaking service london


3) Verification.

If you decide you do want to meet, we will take a £20 deposit and arrange a verification meeting. We meet each of you individually to check you are a likeness to your description/ photo and to check your I.D.  We also go through your questionnaire just to get to know you more. We take the remaining payment of £30 and the next step…

gay matchmaking service


4) We arrange your date

Relax, be yourself and enjoy your date. Give us your feedback afterwards and we’ll pass it on the following day.

gay matchmaking service



Terms & Conditions:
1) We will need a deposit of £20 via paypal before arranging your personal verification meeting. This is non refundable (to cover our travel expenses)
2) The remaining £30 will be paid to us at the meeting. We charge a total of  £50 to research, match, verify and organise each date, ie £50 per date we organise for you. This is non refundable.
3) While we personally, hand-search our database of singles to find a perfect match (which you can accept or decline) and we show you his photo, we cannot guarantee there will be chemistry or you will hit it off, nor that a relationship will result from the meeting.
4) We will arrange a convenient time and date for you both to meet. If you cannot make the agreed date, we ask you to give us as much notice as possible. We can re-arrange your date another 2 times, after that, if you don’t attend you would lose your payment without any refund. We would, however, refund the other party who was ‘stood-up’ after the 3rd attempt at meeting.
5) While we check I.D, we do not conduct any background or criminal checks, Urban Connections advise you to use caution and meet in a pubic place as if you were meeting any other stranger. Urban Connections or its associates and employees shall not be liable for any damages arising from participation in an Urban Connections Matchmaking date . This includes damages arising out of any contact with anyone participating in an Urban Connections date. Such damages to include, but not limited to, physical injury, bodily harm or mental distress.  By registering for a Matchmaking date, you agree that Urban Connections and its associates have no liability should you suffer any loss or injury to yourself or your personal items whilst on the date.
6)We will never share your data with anyone else and we will use your data with the sole purpose of finding you a mate. You can contact us at any time to ask to be removed from our system and for us to delete your data. We will only use your contact details to contact you when we find a match or to arrange the date.
7) By filling out our matchmaking questionnaire, we take it on good faith that you are in fact single – not married, co-habiting etc.
8) We ask clients to be honest when filling out our questionnaire. If you are dishonest about your age, looks etc, this will be clear at the verification meeting.
9) We ask clients to be realistic about who they want to meet. The more specific you are, the more difficult it is for us to match you with someone.