If you can make him laugh, that all important first date will go with a swing and he will probably want to see you again; but how? Check out our top tickling tips.

1. Relax
All comedians have to overcome their frear of looking foolish, stupid or unfunny. Relax, let yourself go and be prepared for the joke to fall flat or even to laugh at yourself. If you look like you are having fun when telling the gag or trying to be funny then the other person will be more likely to laugh along with you rather than you looking awkward or stiff.

2. Use the rule of three.
Give two serious examples, followed by an absurd third one. For example: “The men I like best are the ones who are tall, dark, and with a pulse.”

3. Build the tension.
Long, elaborate stories can involve the audience and pull them in so they care about the ending. It’s like holding your breath while listening; the longer you hold it, the bigger the burst will be when you let it out.

4. Have a running joke.
The other person feels like they are in on it, so it’s a great way to build a connection.Bring it up when least expected to make it even funnier.

5. Be ironic.
Say something that contradicts what has just been said. If someone says ‘you’re a good listener’, reply with ‘what was that?’.

6. Be a tease.
If you are going to tease your date (and this is best avoided on a first meeting), make sure you do it with affection and avoid sounding nasty or judgmental.

7. Don’t confuse self-depreciation and self-pity.
It can be hilarious to poke fun at ourselves in a lighthearted way, it’s showing the other person that we are human and have a sense of humour, but make sure you don’t come accross like you are negative, depressed or complaining! Always make sure the listener sees a big smile at the end so they know you are kidding.