Our gay speed dating events really do work, but don’t take our word for it; read our guests’ testimonials/ reviews:

Tony, 35, London:
I met my partner Erik at an Urban Connections dating night. I must admit I was not really sure about going to a speed dating event beforehand, but I tried to just keep an open mind. When Erik sat down in front of me my heart skipped a beat, I liked him from the first second – he just had a great energy about him. I was over the moon the next day when I received my matches and saw that he liked me too! He had to go away travelling for business that week but we chatted on Skype for hours every night and when he returned we started going out. And here we are still together today two years later! I owe you guys a big thank you!

Justin, 36, London:
Me and my partner met thanks to Urban Connections speed dating. The funny thing was that both of us had come along to the event because our friends had practically dragged us there with them, we didn’t think it would be our thing. Chris was the only guy I ticked on my form and I was the only one that he ticked too. I was really suprised to meet someone like that and I have definately changed my view of organised dating events!

Matthew, 34, London:
I went to your speed dating night last September in Soho. I really wanted to try something different as I was bored with the gay scene and online chat. I suppose I always thought I was too fussy when it comes to finding a mate. I am an artist and I insist that my partner be arty too and I wanted him to like travel and many other things. I was amazed to meet Carlos who is also an artist, he spends half the year travelling and we have so much more in common. I am greatful to you and to the hand of destiny! We have been together for 8 months and are moving to Australia in a few weeks together.

Victor, London:
Thank you so very much for such a lovely and warm evening and such a great time meeting new potentials. I will advise all my single friends to go at least once as it is a great and different way to really meet new people. I just realised that if I were to go out to bars/ pubs to meet 30 guys in the same way/ depth it would take me a whole year or more. Thank you so very much!

I have always been very shy and find it very hard to approach gay guys in social situations. I gave up with online chat and sites as I found that nobody was ‘real’. Your events have been a godsend for my lovelife (no over dramatising!) as nobody needs to approach anyone, it’s all organised. The only thingI need to do is chat and have fun. I’ve dated 3 different guys all from your events for a few months each time. Although they didn’t last, it doesn’t matter as I feel more confident in myself. I’m now back and have booked my place for your event next month; I can’t think of a better way to meet single gay men and I would surely reccomend Urban Connections speed dating.

As a gay man pushing 50, I was not holding much hope of finding a mate but that is exactly what happened thanks to your event. I have attended other company’s dating events where it was more about networking and everyone wanted to know about my job and how sucesful I was. It was very refreshing to meet fun, interesting people from a wide range of professions and backgrounds who were at the event looking for love. I matched with a certain someone who brightens my life and makes me smile (even after 18 months together) I have booked two of my good friends onto your events over the last 3 months. I appreciate your professionalism, your organisational skills and your friendly staff who made me feel very welcome (despite me feeling too old).

Mattthew, London:
Thanks for organising last week’s speed dating event. It was very well run and I enjoyed myself. I was impressed by the venue and also the variety of men at the event. I will be advising my friends to attend your next event.

Tom, Birmingham:
Just wanted to say that I had a fantastic time at your event. I wish there was a similar event in Birmingham. Very professional and well organised. Top marks. Well worth the journey.

I came out as gay around a year ago and have found it very difficult to find a partner. Clubs and bars and apps have not lead to anything for me, so I saw your site and thought I would try one of the events (I admit I thought the idea was a bit scary but I thought it was worth a try). It really opened my eyes to have met so many gay men who ARE looking for more than sex. Yes they DO exist! Even in London. I am in contact with one of my matches and I have a great feeling that something wonderful is developing. So I guess I am saying that your events have given me hope! Thank you.

Matt, London:
My partner and I met at your Valentine’s event way back in 2012. We have since moved in together and are now planning to adopt a child together. It’s funny as that is the only speed dating event I’ve ever been to and it was never the sort of thing I thought I would enjoy. I remember thinking on the night; oh well just see what happens and not really expecting anything to come from it. I would advise any gay men considering speed dating to give it a try.