• It’s a fun night for starters! All the guys are up for a laugh and the venues are lovely.
  • A bit like para-gliding or bungy-jumping, it’s something that every gay man should try at least once in his life.
  • How else are you going to meet around 30 single gay guys who are all looking for new dates and mates in one night? How many conversations would you normally have on a Saturday night out on the gay scene? And how many of the gay guys you meet are looking for more than sex? In fact, how many of them are sober? We rest our case.
  • It’s something different and breaks the old monotony of chat rooms, gay bars and clubs etc.
  • It’s a great opportunity to meet new people if you are the shy type.
  • Big cities can be cold, unfriendly places at times; if you are new in town, there aren’t many opportunities to socialist with nice new people in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. That’s where we come in!
  • Oh, did we forget to mention that it may lead to you finding the love of your life?