Jun 2017
gay speed dating

A few months ago, I wrote an article about racism on the gay scene which caused quite a stir. I’m glad that many gay men questioned their attitudes (conscious or unconscious) towards gay men of colour. That awful phrase, which used to be so common online, ‘no fats/ no fems/ no asians’ has been outed as unacceptable. But I now want to examine the middle part of this line: no fems. Turn on Grindr and you will see phrases like ‘masculine for masculine/ I hate camp/ masculine men only‘. These are personal......

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May 2017

I call upon all gay men to start a revolution, but I don’t mean taking up arms and waving the rainbow flag in the face of straights down your high street. The revolution I want to start is among gay men themselves. I want to break the moulds which nobody really wants to talk about but which are holding our community back. I have been running gay dating events for longer than I care to remember and I quite regularly receive calls from prospective customers who want to attend but they are......

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